Same Day Shipping from a Fully Stocked Warehouse

Halo International maintains a 10,000 sq. foot office/warehouse
Racked 15' high with the products you've come to rely on to support your families.

Prayer Cards:
We warehouse over 10 million Cromo N.B., Milan, Italy
in over 196 exclusive designs.

Memorial Urns:
The world's largest most varied collection of Memorial Urns allows us to ship same day - 20,000 to 30,000 units wait on
our shelves. Many of the urns available with Remembrance
sizes as well.

Memorial Urn Appliques:
Over 500 different adornments - 20,000+ appliques always ready for immediate shipment.

Full time staffers are trained to produce customized nameplates with a variety of finishes, fonts and shapes.

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Unique Supplies:
From a huge inventory of standard and deluxe Rosaries, to crosses, to flags, mortuary supplies, statuary, and
many exclusive NEW items to enhance specialty services, HALO is clearly the "go to" supplier for the unusual,
as well as everyday needs.