What is Halo?

The largest supplier of
memorial urns and urn appliques

Direct from the original manufacturing plant to you,
the ultimate distributor. HALO has custom urns
manufactured exclusively by factories that only make
“for HALO." We do not use any mfg companies that supply other funeral distributors or chains.

One of the largest wholesale suppliers

to funeral industry jobbers/distributors in the U.S.
including many unique items found no where else!

The industry's most complete selection
of pet urn/appliques and inventory.

A primary distributor of Bronze
and Marble Statuary

manufactured by Bronces Jorda, Valencia, Spain

The Largest designer and importer of
holy/prayer cards

in North America!

The largest importer of rosaries

for the funeral industry in North America.

A extensive selection
of Memorial Jewelry

in 14K Gold, Sterling Silver, Brass and Stainless Steel.

Custom Catalogs

especially prepared for individual firms
to feature their exclusive line of Memorial
Urns & Jewelry, including specialty items
they choose to showcase. Prepared by Halo
to market your merchandise and services.